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 Services Overview

The focus of our services and management is on the following functions and fields of activity:

* International business development management
* Project management on all fields of material management
* Stock management
* Focused reduction of costs
* Choice and junction of business connections
* Development of controlling systems for material management
* Optimisation of processes for the whole supply chain

Our Strategy

Our strategy is to open new markets where our know-how is demanded, through a partnership with local and international partners.

This strategy has helped us build a network of expertise that can be mobilized in any project depending on project's scale, location and aspiration. We are not only working on the worlds with leading food and Non-Food manufacturer but also promoting their product to our customers.

Our Mission

When it comes to meeting our customers’ needs, quality always has the first priority. Making sure that we clearly understand the customer’s requirements, we recommend and provide only quality products and services conforming strictly to international standards.

Moreover, our ability to deliver exactly what the client is looking for gives us an additional advantage over other competitors. We have solid and reliable business partners in many parts of the world providing state-of-the-art technology, high quality products and services, together with innovative solutions backed by comprehensive after-sales support.

Corporate Vision

* Long -term association with our customers
* Productive work culture
* Professional and financial integrity
* Fairness to our clients, business partners, and associates
* Creativity in everything


* Global database and networking
* Telecommunication access within 1 hour
* Computerised systems
* E-mail and video connections
* Solutions in terms of client-specific requirements
* Flexi–time to cater to international business needs
* Ability to meet needs worldwide within 48 hours